Hideyuki Ichino's name is synonymous with Tamba, one of the six ancient kilns of Japan. He is one of our most versatile artists, creating both traditional Tamba works with ash glazing, and more modern works, which are characterized by his use of inlay and colorful, geometric designs.


Ichino and Tamba ware

With 800 years in history, Tamba ware was traditionally used for storage jars, yet modern artists such as Ichino are taking this ancient art form to new places. Ichino's creations vary from traditional, earthy pieces which represent the style of ancient Tamba kilns, to his more modern works, which look to the future with their modern interpretations.

Tamba Works

Ichino succeeds in capturing the "shibui" (simple and tranquil) aesthetic of ancient Tamba works by using minimal pine ash glazing before firing them in a wood-fired noborigama (climbing kiln), the effects which render his works at once sophisticated and serene. He uses shapes reminiscent of traditional Japanese and Chinese pottery.



Modern Works

In contrast, Ichino's modern works display his originality as a contemporary artist. Starting with bold forms, he engages in the detailed process of inlaying geometric shapes and straight lines, which he then fills with white clay. These modern works, created with patience and painstaking precision, stand out for their boldness, vivid use of color, and geometric designs. 

Each piece is wrapped in a signed wooden box.