Kiln-Firing with Toshiaki Shibuta

We came across a great video made by our artist, Toshiaki Shibuta.  You can see just how long it takes to bake items in the kiln.  The firing takes place day and night, and that takes several people to work in turns to complete the process.  This was taped during seven days of work.  You can also learn more about Japanese kilns on this Wikipedia page.


Toshiaki Shibuta: Featured in a French Magazine

Below please read a translation I made from the French magazine, "Revue de la Céramique et du Verre." (issue 220 of May-June 2018)  I was excited to find this great article about the town Bizen in Japan which features our artist Toshiaki Shibuta.


Bizen, The Story of a Renaissance

The ceramics produced in the small town of Bizen, in Okayama Prefecture, are among the most important in the history of Japan. Yet, at one time, they almost disappeared, surpassed by the arrival of porcelain. In the 1950s, a potter named Kaneshige Toyo restored the integrity of this raw and minimal art, with its infinite nuances, and Bizen ware is practiced today by a community of over three hundred artisans.

In Japan, the trains arrive on time, and nothing can get in the way of the Ako Line’s railcar from arriving punctually. Leaving Okayama, it goes between the hills, approaching the sea from time to time, and runs towards the midland, gliding past the pillars on which the Shinkansen flies by. At eleven oh one, it enters the station....

Read the full article on our page here.